The game is Rooney after 4837 days again for Everton in the Premiership appearance, the last time Rooney for Everton in the Premiership also dates back to May 15,  camiseta entrenamiento barcelona, 2004. The first half of the stoppage time, Everton on the right pass to the restricted area, Rooney before plug into the restricted area of ​​the road, in the case of unmarked, Rooney high leaping up the body, in a negative direction header , After the goal Rooney is very excited, rushed to the sidelines passionate kneel Rooney scored his 199 ball in the Premiership, Rooney is expected to follow the Premiership first striker Alan - Shearer (260 balls), segunda equipacion barcelona 2017,  became the second Premiership goal to reach 200 goals mark players.

It is worth mentioning that Rooney has so far participated in the 300 Premiership goals (199 balls +101 assists), and only Alan - Shearer made 324 Premier League goals more than him.   tercera equipacion barcelona 2017, In addition, Rooney also created for the same team (Everton) scored the Premiership scoring interval of the longest new record: 4869 days, the last time Rooney for Everton scored in the Premiership also dates back to 2004 April 13 against Leeds United game, when Rooney scored his 15th goal in the Premiership.

In the summer of 2004, Rooney left Everton to join Manchester United, debut at Everton Youth Camp Rooney on the mother team still cherish deep feelings, this summer, has grown into England football legendary Rooney free to return to join Evermore Dayton, equipacion barcelona 2017 niño 13 years later, wearing a Everton jersey Rooney once again for the team siege, as if the time in the back, through thousands of sails, Rooney return is still juvenile.